November 21, 2012

A Cranberry Tart and Some Exciting News

Cranberry Tart | Icing Sugar

Cranberries can be so much more than just juice and sauce.

Sweet Tart Dough
Cranberry Tart

As a big fan of cranberries, I am not against either form of cranberry - actually, I am kind of against the jiggly cranberry sauce that plops from a can and then remains a cylinder of red jelly. I just think there is more room in the kitchen for cranberries than we sometimes allow for. It's as if someone decided cranberries weren't good enough, perhaps because they aren't as naturally sweet as other berries, and they've been in the corner ever since. Think about it - they don't even make the cut when it comes to listing all the types of berries: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries - never cranberries. And when it comes to talk about fruits packed with antioxidants and being extraordinarily good-for-you - blueberries hog all the spotlight. But then Thanksgiving rolls around, and everyone suddenly loves cranberries, only to be cast aside again on Friday - shelved for another year.

Poor cranberries - you're not bad, you're just different.

Cranberries | Tart

So, because I don't think cranberries should play second fiddle to other berries anymore, here is one attempt at letting them shine.

Almond Custard | Cranberries | Tart
Cranberry Tart

I borrowed this recipe from David Tanis via Food & Wine Magazine. The only change I made was to use almond flour instead of AP flour in the almond custard - just for an added almond boost. And while this tart will be brought along to my family's Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow, it's going to become a regular hit on my ever-growing playlist. The cranberry-almond combo is one of my all time faves, so this tart will make appearances throughout the fall and winter - not just for Thanksgiving.

And, as if the payoff of a delicious dessert wasn't incentive enough to make this tart, it has an added bonus - the bright red cranberry syrup you'll be left with in the end. I have all sorts of ideas for what I'll do with mine - I'm picturing scrumptious holiday cocktails, cranberry spiked ice cubes, cranberry-shortbread cookies and even a little tart and sweet topping for my morning yogurt and granola. And I might freeze some - so that I can get show some cranberry love in the off-season, too.

Cranberry Syrup
Cranberry Tart

Before I leave you to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday - I'll share some exciting news. The good folks at Gather Journal just came out with their new fall/winter issue - and I'm delighted to be a contributor. Gather Journal is a dream read for anyone who is into food or just beautiful photos - so definitely check out their list of stockists and pick up a copy! You'll be hooked - just like I was.

Cranberry Tart


  1. Can't wait to pick up the new issue and see what you got up to in there! Love, LOVE that publication. And totally agree that cranberries are underrated. Gorgeous tart too ;)

  2. That's great, Carrie -- congrats on the feature! happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Congrats on your feature, Carrie! Will have to check out the Gather journal.
    I've never baked a tart before - your photos are beckoning me to try it!

  4. I really love cranberries (sometimes I feel alone in this)! :) The tart looks wonderful. Congrats on your feature in Gather, I look forward to checking it out.

  5. Yum love this tart! Congrats on contributing to Gather! It's such a beautiful magazine.


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